Children’s Dentistry

At Cherrygum Dental, we take time to educate children on the correct technique to use when brushing their teeth, floss, even when best to use mouthwash and when to have sugarfree chewing gum.

We talk about what foods and drinks are harmful to teeth, and encourage kids to eat healthier foods. It’s important we monitor your childs jaw growth and tooth crowding in their mixed dentition, and we will refer them to an orthodontist for early treatment if required to create room for the larger adult teeth.

Fissure sealants are an important preventative treatment we perform, protecting vulnerable areas of the back teeth. Healthy Saliva is critical in a healthy mouth, we perform simple tests to ensure satisfactory saliva pH and saliva flow rate.

Cherrygum dental is breaking the mould and making dentistry fun for children with our unique games room. We want our younger patients to grow up without a need for fillings, with straight uncrowded teeth, and the knowledge to keep their teeth healthy for the rest of their life.