About us

Dr Troy Stokic graduated from Dental School at the University of Western Australia in 1998. Over the last 14 years, Troy has worked in a variety of private practices in the metro area, as well as a mobile Dentist in the Kimberly region, visiting remote aboriginal communities.

Cherrygum dental will be Troy’s third dental surgery and has been developed with his passion of preventative based dentistry. Over the years Troy has gained a clear view of what defines a good practice, treating people with respect, taking time, and establishing a friendly rapport with each patient. He is determined to take the fear and trepidation out of dentistry, making each visit a pleasant experience

Troy has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, ranging in age from 16 months to 11 years old. As most parents want the best for the children, Troy spends a lot of time teaching and supervising his children’s oral health care. Claudia, Troy’s eldest daughter, developed significant tooth crowding at an early age and was treated by a local orthodontist to create more room for her larger adult teeth. It is this kind of early treatment and ensuring of continuous good oral hygiene at an early age that propelled Troy’s passion in Preventative Dentistry.

Now Troy wants to use Cherrygum dental to extend the same level of care to other children.

Troy is a big kid at heart, he loves to have fun, smile and laugh a lot. He has incorporated a number of arcade games in Cherrygum dental, primarily to show children that a visit to the dentist can be fun and enjoyable, and secondly to act as a reward for those children who show great improvements in their oral health care.